We’re pretty low-tech, considering that we run an online non-profit: We live in a 1975 airstream trailer. We don’t own a microwave, a TV, or have Netflix. We don’t even own cell phones!

But when it comes to running hopeforthesold.com, we use six core tools to help us make a difference and reach people around the world:

1. Web Hosting
We recommend that you start with Blue Host. They have great customer service, they’re USA-based, and they’re affordable. Plus, they power over 2 million websites, AND you get a free domain when you sign up. Click here to learn how to set up hosting in 5 minutes or less.

2. WordPress
Check out the Genesis-based themes from Studiopress. 134,000 websites use their themes – mostly likely for their world-class SEO – including Hopeforthesold.com.

3. Email List
We stay connected with our community via the Hope Weekly, and Aweber is the best email provider to start. And the first month is totally free.

4. Sign Up Forms
There’s no point to having an email list unless people have a way to subscribe. Optin Monster is our tool of choice, hands down- looks great, easy to use, and has some insane amazing patented technologies.

5. Podcasting
We use the Smart Podcast Player. Because it’s really, really smart.

6. Web Design
When you want to go to the next level of customizability and design, Zach Swinehart‘s the man. Email zach at zachswinehart dot com, and tell him we sent you.

That’s it!

If you sign up for any of these programs, please consider using our affiliate links as a thank you for the value that you receive here. Whether you want to run a blog, business, or charity, these are the best products we’ve found to get you started.