Popcorn and a Movie on Parliament Hill

Last week we had our Parliamentary screening of Over 18 on the Hill in Ottawa! There were almost 50 people in attendance, including MPs, senators, and staffers, representing a cross-section from all 5 parties. This is a very decent turnout for a Parliamentary event, considering the hectic schedules of MPs and senators.

Dave Paisley, our executive producer, got up before the film began and shared some of the things that teen guys from his church have shared with him:

“When I was 11 I got an iPod for Christmas and started viewing porn almost every night.”


“When I first saw rape and violence in porn I was disgusted by it, but after a while I started to like it and now I imagine going it to friends of mine and it makes me hate myself.”


“I had fetishes before I had my first kiss.”

The gravity of what young people are dealing with hit the room immediately. MPs Arnold Viersen, Elizabeth May, Christine Moore, and Rhéal Fortin shared some of their thoughts on the topic as well, recognizing that this is something that must be addressed.


MP Arnold Viersen giving opening remarks

blogpostparliament-4It struck us that most of the people in the room were parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Their attendance reflected their care for the wellbeing of kids and youth.

We’re excited to give a new update – Motion M-47 has now been seconded by five MPs, meaning they officially support and endorse the motion! In addition to MP Arnold Viersen, who introduced the motion in the House, here are the MPs that have pledged their support:

  • MP Elizabeth May (Green)
  • MP Christine Moore (NDP)
  • MP Michelle Rempel (CPC)
  • MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette (Liberal)
  • Rhéal Fortin (Bloc Québécois)

To those of you who contacted your MP and asked them to attend, THANK YOU! We are certain that it helped bring people out.

The first hour of debate on the Motion M-47 will be happening on November 14. The second hour of debate will be on December 7/8. The vote will most likely be December 14.

If adopted, M-47 would require the Health Committee to study the public health effects of online violent and degrading sexually explicit material. Now is the time to get petitions filled out!

You can download the petition below, get as many signatures from your friends as you can, and send it to the address at the bottom of the petition. Please send them in within the next two weeks.




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We’re still on tour with Over 18 and would love to see you at a screening! Check out the full tour schedule here, and invite your friends!

Wanna host a screening in 2017? Contact us here.

*This piece originally appeared in our newsletter.


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