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Our Tour in Pictures – From the Passenger Seat!

by Michelle Brock on December 28th, 2013

Driving across the country for our tour has reminded us how beautiful Canada is.

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Each season is just spectacular. Here’s some glimpses of our journey from the passenger seat!

Driving Collage 1 1024x1024

Driving Collage 2 1024x1024

Driving Collage 3 1024x1024

Driving Collage 4 1024x1024

Driving Collage 5 1024x1024







Hope for the Sold Photo Contest: Freedom

by Michelle Brock on July 26th, 2012


“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”              

~ Robert Frank



All you photographers, aspiring photographers, and creative people, here it your chance to take part in Hope for the Sold’s Photo Contest!

  • Theme: Freed/Freedom – What images and metaphors come to mind when you imagine freedom for victims of exploitation and slavery?  Get creative!  I am anticipating some powerful and beautiful interpretations.
  • Deadline:  August 26, 2012
  • Photo limit per person: 2
  • Submission:  Send an email along with your picture(s) to [email protected] with the title of your email as “Photo Contest.”  Be sure to include your full name and your website if you have one.
  • Voting:  The best photo will be selected by myself and HFTS blog readers.
  • Purpose:  Pictures often resonate with people in a way that words never can, and promoting the concept of freedom through images can inspire people into action, as well as encourage survivors.



With your submission, you are giving Hope for the Sold permission to publish the photo(s) on our website, as well as use it for promotional materials related to our anti-trafficking efforts.

Photos must be taken by you.  Please don’t send in pictures by someone else from the internet.  I want to showcase your work!

Pass this onto any friends who might be interested as well!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with to celebrate this theme.  Check out what others have sent in on the previous themes of resilience and vulnerability.





Resilience: A Photo Essay

by Michelle Brock on August 8th, 2011

A few weeks ago I sent out a request for photos on the theme of resilience.  It is a word I’ve heard from hopeful abolitionists, determined safe house workers, and some trafficking survivors themselves. Resilience is an absolute necessity for survival.  The following photos express this word in its various forms, and these photographers have done a beautiful job capturing its essence.

MG 5167 Edit

~Resilience in Phnom Penh, Submitted by Justin Gibson


MG 5238bw 1024x397

~Daily Resilience, Submitted by Justin Gibson

IMG 5432a 1024x682

~Resilience by nature, Submitted by Andrew Finlay


resilience 1 682x1024

~Resilience in opportunity, Submitted by Sarah Wilson


Resilience Web1 1024x574

~Resilience in the morning, Submitted by Michelle Brock

Resilience Andrew McKenzie1 1024x669

~Silent resilience, Submitted by Andrew McKenzie

  • Did any of these photos resonate with you?  Why?
  • What do you think makes someone resilient?
  • Do some cultures value resilience more than others?
  • What would make someone less resilient?
  • Why do you think resilience is specifically important for victims of trafficking?

Leave a comment below to be entered into a draw to win a signed copy of Invisible Chains: Canada’s Underground World of Human Trafficking by Benjamin Perrin!  I will draw the name on Saturday Aug. 13th and let the winner know via email.  Your comments can be about the pictures themselves, about resilience, your thoughts on trafficking etc.  I will enter your name twice if you get some good discussion going!

A big thanks to our photographers: Justin Gibson (more of his work here), Andrew Finlay, Sarah Wilson, and Andrew McKenzie (more of his work here) for sending in your work!  If any of our other readers are interested in sending in a submission for the next photo essay, let me know.  To see our first photo essay, check out this one on Vulnerability.

Michelle Brock





Vulnerability: A Photo Essay

by Michelle Brock on April 28th, 2011

I love photography. For a while I have wanted to start doing photo essays here at HFTS with themes that relate to sex trafficking.  I did one with royalty free images a while back, but from now on want to use photos from you instead.

So I put a call out for my first real photo essay, entitled “Vulnerability.”  Here are some of the pictures that were sent in.  They range from self-explanatory to abstract, from orphans in Africa to children in North America, from photo shoots to spontaneous snap shots.  All represent vulnerability.  And vulnerability is a component of exploitation.


~Submitted by Jenn Arnold


~Submitted by Beth Fisher

VulnerabilityFinlay3 1024x722


~Submitted by Andrew Finlay


VulnerabilityFinlay21 1024x682

~Submitted by Andrew Finlay


Optimized IMG 6185

~Submitted by Christy McClelland



~Submitted by Roxanne Krystalli

VulnerabilityTeeple 768x1024

~Submitted by Danika Teeple


Optimized apart house

~Submitted by Kaja Tirrul

apart pump 1024x682

~Submitted by Kaja Tirrul

Big thanks to Jenn Arnold, Beth Fisher, Andrew Finlay, Christy McClelland, Roxanne Krystalli, Danika Teeple, and Kaja Tirrul for your submissions!  For those of you who wish to make a submission for the next one, contact me here and I will keep you posted on upcoming themes.

Did any of these photos stand out to you?  Why?  Would love to hear your comments below.

Michelle Brock