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The Most Critical Piece of the Anti-Trafficking Movement Starts with the Letter “L”

This week, Washington Senator Pam Roach was removed from the state’s human trafficking task force.  The reason?  She made insensitive comments about trafficking victims, implying that they could be “illegals” and “probably spend their money on drugs.”  Her comments demonstrated a serious lack of understanding and empathy, disqualifying her from being part of a victim-centred effort. While the […]

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Crash Course on Slavery in the Americas

Here’s an excellent episode of Crash Course, on the history of slavery. I once met a woman in the South who tried to convince me that slavery wasn’t that bad, jarring me into the realization that the spirit of exploitation, rooted in entitlement, has not disappeared. When it comes to our responsibility to end injustice, I think Frederick […]

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Why Thailand’s Top Human Trafficking Investigator Fled to Australia

Imagine being a police investigator who’s been tasked with uncovering a human trafficking operation. You take your job seriously, and in one year expose a massive trafficking enterprise and produce more than 150 arrest warrants.  One of the accused is a lieutenant general in the army, a trafficking kingpin.  You’re celebrated by the international community and feel proud to serve […]

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Is Mom Coming Home in the Morning?

“Here, you can go through these as well,” my mom said as she handed me a rubbermaid container. A few months ago, I took on the task of sorting through my old childhood memories. I’d just found my old stuffed animals and was about to move onto the Polly Pockets when my mom placed the […]

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Red Light Green Light Available for Purchase

The day is finally here – Red Light Green Light is now available for purchase! Since we’re total newbies at this distribution thing, it’s taken us a long time to sort out the logistics, but we’re happy to announce that you can now buy the film via VHX, iTunes, and Amazon. The last 3 years […]

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Teenage Boy Describes How He was Groomed for Sexual Exploitation

While the majority of sex trafficking victims are women and girls, there is a notable number of boys who experience exploitation as well.  Their stories are often not heard, in part due to the stigma associated with males reporting sexual abuse.  Here’s one boy’s story which highlights the grooming process. The hope is that as […]

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