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Innovative Exploitation – How Traffickers Maximize Profits by Preying on the Rohingya People

Human bones discovered in human trafficking jungle camps. Fishermen outfitting their boats for human cargo instead of fish. Ransoms and pending trade embargoes. Floating detention centres filled with starving masses. What on earth is happening to the Rohingya people in Malaysia and Thailand? Some issues are easily understood by reading an article or two, but when […]

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Bribes: A Human Trafficker’s Cost of Doing Business

I recently threw up a question to my friends online: “On your travels or while living abroad, have you ever experienced bribery/corruption?” Here are some of the responses I received: “When living in Greece, where bribing is very commonplace, our daughter’s medical insurance plan covered up to 1000 euro to bribe the doctors (to do a […]

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Hope for the Sold Has New Digs!

Five years ago, my husband Jay and I launched this website from an internet cafe in Costa Rica.  The cafe, which doubled as a movie rental store, had opening hours as unreliable as its internet, but its proximity to a nearby bakery made the trip into town worth it every time.  The initial version of […]

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Podcast Coming Soon!

We’ve had the privilege of meeting some fantastic people over the last few years, and we want you to meet them too!  We’ll soon be launching our podcast, which will be an in-depth conversation about social justice issues.  You’ll get to know people on the front lines and hopefully get some inspiration and tools for taking action […]

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