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Mean Tweets (Homeless Edition) – Or, Why I’m Sleeping Outside on April 9

While researching the connections between homelessness and sex trafficking, I came across a video that caught my attention.  In it, the homeless read mean tweets about homelessness. While I’ve never intentionally been cruel to the homeless, I am most certainly guilty of indifference.  I’m guilty of making quick assumptions, priding in self-righteousness, and shying away from uncomfortable […]

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When Your Exploitation Has No Start Date

A couple years ago in Budapest, I met with Balint Dora from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Hungary office.  By this point, Jay and I had already been to several Western European countries and had learned that Hungarian men, women, and girls represented a significant portion of trafficking victims across the continent.  Poverty was a […]

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Why Would a Parent Sell Their Own Child?

A few weeks ago, I came across a photo I assumed was staged.  It couldn’t be real.  In it, a mother had set her four children to sit on the front stairs of the house with a FOR SALE sign.   I decided to look into it further and discovered that the children were indeed […]

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Because Everyone Loves Pyjamas

Sometimes, one simple sentence can spark action. That’s what happened to Meaghan Coneybeare a couple months ago, when she heard a presentation by the victim aftercare organization Walk With Me. One moment she was sitting in a room, listening and learning, and the next she was delivering hundreds of pyjamas to trafficking survivors and local […]

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