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Who Do You Turn To When Your Abuser is a Police Officer?

In the small community of Val-d’Or, Quebec, a shocking tale of sexual assault and abuse of power involving eight police officers is unfolding.  An investigation by Radio-Canada’s Enquete program broadcast the stories of several women who said they’d been physically or sexually abused by police officers in the area. The allegations are serious.  They involve police officers […]

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The Necessity of Cheering

There I was, layered like a cake against the cold, standing with thousands of others for hours, all of us anticipating a glimpse of our loved ones. A friend mercifully handed me her extra set of gloves, and in my mind I thanked mom for convincing me to wear a hat. My legs were sore from […]

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Responding to Street Harassment

I recently asked a question on facebook that incited way more responses than I’d expected: Have you ever experienced street harassment? How did it make you feel? Many friends and family members commented (and some messaged me privately), telling me their stories.  Harassment made them feel a wide range of emotions – ranging from being annoyed […]

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The Subtle Danger of Freedom

Today is Labour Day, the last gasp of summer, and parents all over North America are finalizing back-to-school details while their kids pack their brand new backpacks, test out their pencil crayons, and pose in front of their mirrors modelling their new clothes. This morning before the heat of the day set in, I went on […]

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Innovative Exploitation – How Traffickers Maximize Profits by Preying on the Rohingya People

Human bones discovered in human trafficking jungle camps. Fishermen outfitting their boats for human cargo instead of fish. Ransoms and pending trade embargoes. Floating detention centres filled with starving masses. What on earth is happening to the Rohingya people in Malaysia and Thailand? Some issues are easily understood by reading an article or two, but when […]

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