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Stolen Organs – How Human Traffickers Hunt for Kidneys

I recently visited a refugee camp in East Africa, where refugees and NGO staff told me about the dangers of journeying through the desert. Some of the refugees from South Sudan, Eritrea, and Somalia who are fleeing violence, conflict, and poverty attempt the risky passage from East Africa to Israel through the Sinai Desert. Others […]

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Celebrating the Ladies – International Women’s Day 2016 Rundown

In honour of International Women’s Day, today’s post is an assortment of cool articles, videos and resources to celebrate the achievements and elevate the plight of women. HOW EQUAL IS YOUR COUNTRY? The World Economic Forum has ranked each country based on women’s ability participate in political and economic life, as well as their access to education and healthcare. Type in […]

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Good News from the Anti-Trafficking Front

Sometimes it’s important to pause and take note of how anti-trafficking efforts are having a positive impact. Many organizations are working tirelessly to expose injustice, change systems, and rescue victims. Here are some examples of progress we’re making as a global community. TRANSFORMING CRIMINAL JUSTICE Cambodia’s police have generally been known as “ineffective, untrained, and […]

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VIDEO: Modern Day Slavery in the UK

Do you live in the UK or know someone who does? Here are some sobering stories and facts about slavery in your own backyard. “I explained to her everything that was going on, so they called some police to help me out of that place.” Survivor, recounting how she reached out to a teacher for […]

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The Most Critical Piece of the Anti-Trafficking Movement Starts with the Letter “L”

This week, Washington Senator Pam Roach was removed from the state’s human trafficking task force.  The reason?  She made insensitive comments about trafficking victims, implying that they could be “illegals” and “probably spend their money on drugs.”  Her comments demonstrated a serious lack of understanding and empathy, disqualifying her from being part of a victim-centred effort. While the […]

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