Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit in Orlando FL (Sept 10-12)

Leaders in the movement to end sexual exploitation from around the world will be meeting September 10th-12th in Orlando, Florida, for the 2015 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit. The Summit will provide: Up-to-date research on the harms of pornography and the sexual exploitation of men, women, and children Organizational training in areas like digital strategy and fundraising Valuable networking opportunities with leaders […]

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Massage Parlour Owners on Trial for Sex Trafficking

Three people who ran massage parlours in Delaware are on trial for human trafficking. Seven Chinese women were forced to provide massages and additional sexual services for customers, but had to hand over most of the money to the massage parlour owners. They didn’t have access to adequate accommodations and had to sleep on the […]

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Amnesty International to Decide Official Position on Prostitution

Amnesty International, a leader in the global human rights movement, is meeting in Dublin this week. On the agenda is to decide on their official policy on prostitution. Several hundred Amnesty members from 80+ countries will vote on whether they want to formally support the decriminalization of prostitution, which would eliminate all penalties surrounding the […]

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Finnish Celebrities Lock Themselves in Shipping Container to Raise Awareness About Migrant Crisis

Four Finnish celebrities will be spending 24 hours in a shipping container, experiencing just a small fraction of what migrants experience in their attempt to reach Europe.  The goal is to raise awareness about the current migrant crisis, human trafficking, and immigration policy.  Yle News explains what the project entails: “While inside, the volunteers’ movements […]

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Japan’s Obsession with School Girls Puts Some Teens at Risk

Japan is one of the only developed countries that does not achieve Tier 1 status in the annual U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report.  This year, Japan ranked as a tier 2 country, meaning they do not fully comply with the minimum standards of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, despite some significant efforts to do […]

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Eritrea Claims Human Trafficking is to Blame for Migrant Crisis

The Eritrean government, which has been accused of torture and other widespread human rights abuses, claims that human trafficking is to blame for the large number of Eritreans fleeing the country.  UNHCR has stated that about 5,000 Eritreans leave the country each month, many of them crossing the desert and landing in Libya, where they hope […]

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