Meet a Survivor: Long Pross

This weekend I immersed myself in academic journal articles and scholarly works about human trafficking, leaving my mind full of statistics, trends, and countless debates on how to end the exploitation of young girls and women.

While it has been very beneficial for me to read and learn, yesterday afternoon I checked out a link to a video clip that one of our readers had sent to me.

In the clip, a young Cambodian woman named Long Pross tells her story of being sold into prostitution before she even had her period.  The poor thing only has one eye, as the other was jabbed with a metal object by the brothel owner when she pleaded for a few days of rest after an abortion.  Her virginity was sold four times, meaning that she was stitched up three times.  She is traumatized, but healing gradually with the help of the Somaly Mam Foundation.

Listening to stories like this reminds me of the human face of trafficking victims.  Statistics and trends momentarily take the back seat when someone like Long Pross is willing to tell her story.  Thank you Emily for sending me this clip and reminding me what our efforts are all about.

Please watch the short clip of Long Pross recounting her experience as a sex trafficking victim.  We must give her the honour of a listening ear when she has taken the bold step to help others in their pain by sharing her story.

***SIDE NOTE: The 10th Annual U.S. State Department Trafficking in Persons Report is Being Released today at 10:30 am.  You can watch it live on the State Department Blog.


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