Let’s Push M-47 Across the Finish Line!

Last week, Motion M-47 had its first debate in Parliament. If it’s passed, the Standing Committee on Health will examine the public health effects of online violent and degrading sexually explicit material on children, women, and men.

In a nutshell, it will help us gauge how pornography is affecting Canadians, especially kids and youth. It will lay the groundwork for legislation that will help protect kids in the age of the internet.

The motion was introduced by Conservative MP Arnold Viersen, and has been seconded by nine other MPs across all parties. At first debate, the Liberal government also expressed their support for the motion. It’s so encouraging to see bipartisan support on this!

Watch Arnold Viersen‘s opening statements here.

Get the full transcript for the debate here.

sharing-image-12The next hour of debate on the motion takes place on December 8, and will be followed by a vote on December 14, which means that NOW is the time to send in petitions and write your MP!

Step 1: Contact your MP

Don’t know who it is? Find out by plugging in your postal code here. You can use this template (created by the awesome folks at Defend Dignity) to draft an email to them. Be sure to personalize it and mention why this matters to you!

Step 2: Sign the Petition

Download and print it here, get all your friends, neighbours, and family to sign it, then send it to the address on the bottom of the petition. ***Put it in the mail by Nov. 30 so it arrives on time!

During our cross-Canada tour of Over 18, a documentary about porn and its effects on kids and youth, we’ve heard from countless parents about how their kids have been affected by porn. It has made us believe in the importance of Motion M-47 more than ever. A recent UK study revealed that 94% of kids and youth are exposed to online pornography before age 14. We have no reason to doubt that Canada would be much different.

Please join us in this effort to push M-47 across the finish line!

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