Invite your MP to a Parliamentary Screening of Over 18

We’ve kicked off the Over 18 doc tour and have done events in Hamilton, Guelph, Aylmer, Kitchener, Waterloo, Brampton, and Ottawa. There’s 60+ more to go before Christmas, but I wanted to highlight a very special screening happening on October 24.

On Monday, October 24, we’re taking Over 18 to Parliament! The Parliamentary screening is being co-hosted by members across ALL five parties – Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, and Bloc Quebecois – and is being held right on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

We want loads of MPs and senators to attend the screening, and we need your help to make that happen! Here’s how:

1. Email your Member of Parliament and ask them to attend.

Don’t know who your MP is? Find out here.

Title ideas for email (to put in subject line):

An invitation to protect kids from pornography
Let’s talk about porn in parliament

Sample email:

Dear MP _________________,

I am a (student/parent/teen/teacher etc.) from ___________ and care deeply about how easy it is for kids to access violent sexual content online. (Add personal story if you have one, but keep it brief).

On Monday, October 24 at 6pm in Centre Block, there will be a Parliamentary screening of a documentary called Over 18 and I would love for you to attend. It addresses the issue of online pornography through various perspectives (among the interviewees: parents, porn stars, a sociologist, a neuroscientist, and a 13 year old boy who is overcoming a porn addiction that he developed at age 9).

You can watch the trailer here. (make sure to include the link!)

The directors of the film, Jared and Michelle Brock, will be in attendance at the screening. The event is being co-hosted by members from all five parties – Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, and Bloc Quebecois.

Please get all the details and RSVP by contacting MP Viersen’s office at [email protected]. Your office has already received a formal invitation.

As someone from your constituency who cares about the well-being of kids, I would love for you to be there.


(Your name and contact info)

2. Tweet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Dear @JustinTrudeau. You & Sophie need to attend the Oct 24th Parliamentary screening of It’s a must-see for parents!

3. Share this post via email, Facebook, or twitter so that others can do the same.

We’re excited to bring Over 18 to our government. Please help us make it a success so that we can stand in the gap for our kids.


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