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Interested in making a donation to Hope for the Sold?  *All donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt. Here’s what we’re currently working on:

Hope University: 

Due to strong demand, we want to create and offer resources that can help equip service providers, leaders, and everyday citizens to fight sexual exploitation.  We are creating Hope University, a set of short videos addressing subtopics within the issue of human trafficking.  These will be available for free online, ideal for awareness workshops, university lectures, high school presentations, training seminars and conferences.    Launch date - summer or fall of 2015.

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DVD & Digital Distribution for Red Light Green Light:

In 2012, Hope for the Sold embarked on a journey to 10 countries, examining the best ways to prevent sexual exploitation. The result was a documentary called Red Light Green Light, and as of December 2014, Jay and Michelle Brock have completed a 97-city North American film tour, including a Parliamentary screening in Canada’s capital.  

Engaging political representatives, churches, universities, women’s crisis shelters, and law enforcement, the goal has been to foster conversation and inspire action toward effective models of trafficking prevention.  Red Light Green Light highlights the complexities of this issue in a tasteful, thought-provoking way, and presents some hopeful initiatives that have great potential to prevent sex trafficking on a global scale.

We are currently working on a wide release for the film, making it available for purchase in 2015.  Want to host a screening today?  Here’s how.

Companion Book for Red Light Green Light:

Many of you have been asking for more stories and resources to go with the Red Light Green Light documentary.  The Red Light Green Light Companion Book will help you follow along with the film, facilitate group discussion, hear behind-the-scenes stories, access research, and learn practical ways to prevent trafficking in your community.  It will be available in 2015, alongside the wide release of the film.

New Website:

In order to accommodate our future plans (which include an online store, a news portal and blogging network, to name a few), needs a major upgrade.  If you have personally been impacted by the work of Hope for the Sold or see the value of prevention through awareness and public engagement, we invite you to join us as we pursue a website overhaul.

New Website

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Giving information for Canadian and U.S. donations:


paper plane 300x210Canadian online donations can be made here, and cheques are to be made out to Hope for the Sold and sent to:

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*All donations over $20 eligible for a tax receipt. 


envelope1 300x232U.S. online donations can be made here, and cheques are to be made out to International Teams with a Memo: Hope for the Sold and sent to:


*All donations over $20 eligible for a tax receipt.

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