“I Know What You Do”

We have been on the road for a couple of months now, and sometimes we don’t have the best opportunities to eat healthy meals.    There have been days where crackers and cookies get us through the day, after which we don’t feel very good.  A real meal is such a luxury.

I recently came across this video clip on Holly Austin Smith’s blog.  It offers us a glimpse into some of the everyday moments that victims of sexual exploitation experience.  It is quite moving.  When we think of trafficking victims, our minds usually go to the trauma of the sexual acts themselves, as well as the abuse that goes along with “the life.”  But there are more subtle traumas that most people don’t realize – like that of being alone, or eating unhealthy road snacks as if they were meals, or bearing the judgment of others.

Sometimes it is easy to figure out what someone does, but it is much harder to know their story.  May this be a reminder to us to extend love, grace, and understanding to those around us, especially those who we would more easily judge or look down upon.




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