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Hope for the Sold Christmas Pick # 1: Punjammies

by Michelle Brock on November 10th, 2010

christmas gifts 300x225The snow on the mountain outside my window this morning reminded me of what is just around the corner: Christmas!  The consumerism around this time of year makes me feel a little sick to my stomach, not because buying presents is wrong but because greed, overspending, and entitlement are causing our society to rot from the inside out. Not to mention the fact that our beautiful gifts are often made by slaves or workers in developing countries that are exploited and underpaid.

But, because I love Christmas and want to be part of redeeming what our society has corrupted, over the next few weeks I will be throwing up some ethical gift ideas for your Christmas shopping that support victims of human trafficking.


Today’s special is Punjammies – comfortable and exotic pajama pants made by women who have escaped a life of forced prostitution.  Check out this video clip from the International Princess Project:

Every Punjammie purchase creates:

  • christmas punjammiea fair trade wage
  • a deposit into a savings account
  • financial support for holistic care
  • capacity building for more women to enter the care centre

Know someone who loves India, loves PJs, loves social justice, or all three? Read here about the story of Punjammies and shop here for their comfy products!  And for more ethical gift ideas, check out this cool online catalogue. (Thanks Joel!)

Michelle Brock