A Bill C-310 Certificate that Belongs to YOU!

I just got a letter and certificate from the office of MP Joy Smith, thanking Hope for the Sold for helping Bill C-310 become law.  Immediately as I saw it, I knew I had to take a picture pointing right back at YOU, Hope for the Sold readers, because so many of you wrote letters to your Members of Parliament in support of this bill!  We have been part of shaping history!  The following extends to you:

“As Member of Parliament for Kildonan – St. Paul and sponsor of Bill C-310, I want to acknowledge and honour the outstanding efforts of Hope for the Sold to help pass Bill C-310.  As a result of Hope for the Sold’s support, Canada has strengthened its tools to combat modern day slavery.”


HUGE thank you goes to you who took action on this!  The bill received Royal Assent on June 22, and as a result, Canadians who engage in human trafficking and modern day slavery aboard are no longer exempt from prosecution in Canada.  Furthermore, the definition of human trafficking has been enhanced to include key factors to help police and courts to better identify cases of human trafficking.

Awesome.  I love that many of you don’t just read this blog, but take action.  Let’s keep taking steps to make Canada an international leader on this issue.  Thank you MP Smith for all your hard work!



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